Sunday, July 24, 2005


Boldly I leap forth.

Weed Patch is a good little local band that's been playing around L.A. for awhile that's ostensibly the project of one Neil Weiss, a fine music journalist who also happens to be a pretty fine music writer in the literal sense as well. They've just come out of the studio and in the next few months will be unleashing an album called "Some Kind of Happy" that's going to get a lot of attention 'round these parts, and deservedly so.

In the meantime, here's a little something off "Maybe the Brakes Will Fail," Weiss' debut album produced with a bunch of hired hands from Minibar, Gingersol and the like. It's a different affair from the new one, which now finds him in collaboration with a solid full-time band, but you get the idea that he's a damn fine songwriter, someone with a nice taste of REM combined with a little bit of fuzzy Americana-pop. Keep an ear open for the tail end of the solo in the middle, the one that sounds like the poor guy's Epiphone just melted in his hand.

"Let Go of the Wheel" by Weed Patch

[buy at Miles of Music]

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