Tuesday, November 29, 2005

no, c'mon, how does it feel?

What is Greil Marcus talking about?

I guess when you reach a certain point of esteem in the rock crit business you can chase your own tail about whatever documentary you want, regardless of whether you have a point.

I enjoyed "No Direction Home." If anyone can tell me if ol' Greil did or not, I'd love to hear it.

More new/old music tomorrow.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Thank you easter bunny!

This whole post had a whole different start.

I got off on this giddy rant about those wacky White Stripes going all punk rock and writing a coca cola jingle, but who cares at this point? Moby premiered his latest "Hotel" with various dates in, yes, W Hotels. U2 translated 'catorce' into 'iPod' in the name of securing some free ad time in a competitive marketplace, so Jack's rockin' for Coke's white stripe. It was probably recorded on analog equipment while he was on lunch break. Executives are happy, Jack's happy, aren't you happy?

Save yourself. There will be no commercials sold on the backs of this buried little gem from five years back, so you'll have to fill in a refreshment of your choice (mine would be hot coffee, or maybe a good aged bourbon). But the guitar is still going to shake the walls if you let it, and Doug McCombs' bass is going to steadily logroll throughout until the whole mix percolates in such a nice cathartic way I wish it was raining. Thank you, Eleventh Dream Day. I hope its raining where you are. Have a coke and a smile.

'Stalled Parade' by Eleventh Dream Day

(buy from Amazon)