Tuesday, September 19, 2006

struck dumb by wires

Feel like I should open with a small apology, or something.

Can you apologize to someone anonymous, someone you can't see or hear? I mean, it's not even like you're accidentally bumping into someone on a bus or in a subway and need to excuse yourself. If anything it's like apologizing for not bumping into someone, for not offering a different variable in their day.

But...those can be nice, after all.

Jumbled ideas and thoughts are rattling around my brain of late, many of them preventing me from dropping things off here. Work intervenes, as does a brain that's been clogged like bad pipes, questioning what the point is of popping by here and dropping notions and the occasional MP3 on you all. A few other folks it seems have hit a wall with the blogworld as well...maybe it's just something in the weather, or even just a point you can hit with any habit. Eventually you ask..."What am I doing...and why?"

I originally started this little corner as a space to vent, rant and exercise. An empty gym with dusty equipment where no one was looking and unfettered things could get dropped off and, with a little luck, find a musical score. Now. I have ups and downs with my comfort with my music geekery and, particularly, my writing as it concerns said geekery. I have no interest in becoming a Next Big Thing blogger, one who breaks bands or joins this incredibly powerful and indier than thou vox populi. It just makes me tired. Others do, and I love them and read their sites semi-regularly. Go to hype machine, or elbows (many of you have found my tarpaper shack this way). Bloggers everywhere of every stripe, some breaking or trying to break some beloved bands, others subscribing to the indie groupthink that is less a voice in the wilderness sharing something personal to them as it is a point of grandstanding about their own ahead-of-the-curve tastes. In short, you can throw a rock and hit an mp3 blogger. (But do me a favor, Fink...)

So yeah, I'll be sorting all this out in the next few days. My home is now internetless, thanks to a recent realization DSL service now costs as little as 12.99 these days (who knew?). Until that gets sorted out I'll maintain this certain radio silence. With a little luck a lot of this will get sorted out.

'Til then.

'How It Ends,' by Devotchka


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