Tuesday, September 20, 2005

well i never

It's raining today here in Southern California, an occurrence that isn't just rare, it's practically unheard of in September. If some of the scary, polar bear-damning stories I've been reading about global warming are true, is this not a manifestation of it?

This spring the LA area took on slightly more rain than Seattle. This didn't particularly bother me; I've always liked Seattle and, for that matter, rain. However, if this is to hold true does this mean that all the local television affiliates will have to come up with something else to do with their time than be on "StormWatch" or grind on their "Accu-Weather StormTracker"? Really, is it worth sending a talking head out on a damp street corner if said weather phenomena is much less a rare happening is it worth analyzing from every angle?

But enough on that. I reckon it's time to go. A thunderclap just split open the sky over my house with the sort of force usually reserved for places like Missouri, Florida, and Ohio. If global warming brings weather to the southland, will our voting habits go into the drink as well?


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