Thursday, April 20, 2006

mr. peabody and sherman's march on holland

Okay, I know that with this post I'm veering dangerously close to becoming a some crazy parallel TenClub, but it's a pretty remarkable 'p.s.' to post about that Avocado dropping in a couple weeks. Regardless of how that album shakes out, this video's from PinkPop 92 is such an amazing snapshot of what all the fuss was about back in the day. Hey, if they can celebrate their legacy I can too.

I think some of the images from this show were captured by Charles Peterson in "Screaming Life", but having only seen those shots I had no idea the class five weather event these kids unleashed on that festival. If you weren't paying attention back then, you can see the whole band is this infectiously honest atom bomb of energy. There's no cringing embarrasment about the of-the-time celebration of stage-diving and mosh pits, just this explosion spreading out from the stage to the crowd. I remember reading this review of a Pearl Jam show from like Creem or Spin or someplace ridiculous (see, there were no blogs back then, boys and girls) saying that clubs couldn't contain this band, that their sound literally rose and crashed against the walls and the audience like waves. You can see that here.

This stuff was like crack to a rock addled 19-year-old...and no matter where you stand on these guys now it's just a remarkable snapshot of what the early 90s looked and sounded like. And it was good.

Anyway, watch, turn it up, and revel at the 10-legged hurricane. We were a different nation then.*

*Also, you can't help noticing all the incredible push of crowd going on toward the front, especially once young Eddie throws himself on them (hey, it was 1992). It's the kind of thing that just went with the territory back then, and up and killed a couple of kids in present day. You can't help thinking of Roskilde when you watch this. Sorry to bring the room down, kids, but it had to be said...

42% less geekery tomorrow. Maybe.


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