Friday, May 26, 2006

keep the water coming, raul

So here were are, sitting right on the spring's ledge looking down at Memorial Day, which can only mean summer, sweat, cookouts and (in my case) copious amounts of poison air, all ready to come over and put their feet up on my furniture.

Today demands a summer song, and it shares a little something with that Swervedriver tune from the other day:

"Doornail (Hats off to Buster Keaton)," by Anders Parker

This comes off our man's 2004 solo release (no really, buy it), fresh from his days fronting the noise-country-rock band Varnaline. What this shares with Swervedriver is Anders Parker's guitar indeed once belonged to Adam Franklin. By some coincidence it was actually purchased in a Statesville, NC, pawn shop, which is where Swervedriver had their gear stolen in 1994. That's it that you're hearing right there, that big howling thing.

No, that's not true at all. But, it could be.

And this isn't to say this is a big fat shoegazing adventure (far from it), but it is a stomping, swampy seven minutes of backwoods rock, straight from the Crazy Horse School of Guitar Mashing, that one up the road that looks haunted. Sloppy static and overdriven amps merge with whirling organ and caveman drums, and once Anders' echoing voice reminds you "God won't change a thing" the windows in your car start rolling down, just like that (it's true, even when you're not in it. New technology from the good people at Nike).

And what it really shares with Swervedriver is a fact I failed to mention in that post: Both of these songs make me wish I could play guitar. And that, my friends, is what a good song is all about. Happy summer. Go outside.


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