Tuesday, May 02, 2006

can i get a witness?

Greetings, my people.
Seems I dropped off (again) the last few days, but this time around I've got a grand excuse--I was off in the desert covering the heap-big festival of dust and desert called Coachella. My first time covering such a big event, and though it was a big pile of stress, exhaustion and adrenalyne, I had a good time.

Satisfying stuff, in a lot of ways, but of course I have more that I have yet to get out of my system. Tune into this space over the next day or so for my impressions, thoughts, ramblings, and whathaveyou, featuring photos, weirdness and some audio as well. No, not from the show--I think Mussolini's brown-shirts were more forgiving than the Coachella gate gestapo (I can't bring a pen inside? Really? You know I'm here trying to give your little show some love, right?).

Bah. 'Til later.


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