Wednesday, June 07, 2006

whipping the horse's eyes

With apologies to Calexico (who have an excellent instrumental of the same name on the equally excellent Feast of Wire), that's what this song sounds like.

Boris, "Pseudo-Bread"

I first heard Boris through a post on Coolfer pairing them with Sunn0))) as a study of the rise of dark metal on Southern Lord Records, which dovetailed nicely with a New York Times Magazine article from a week or so ago that was along the same lines.

(As an aside, why can't the Times Magazine do such things when I deign it appropriate to drop the five bucks? Last time I picked it up they did a long exposes on Google and its work in China. Certainly a more important story by many measures, but if given a choice I know which story I'dve turned to, and I think you're with me. Okay, back to the big rock sound.)

Boris aren't quite Sunn0))), on a lot of levels (that is, they use drums, vocals and some traditional song structure). The song posted on Coolfer was a lot brighter than the one I've posted here from these Japanese noisemakers, kind of like Sigur Ros and Mogwai in a knife fight. For this song, Mogwai has won, and for some reason they're torturing Billie Joe Armstrong with ropes and sticks. I'm not sure what Billie Joe is yelling about here, but since he hasn't sounded this serious--or this Japanese--in a few albums, I'm betting it's important. Meanwhile, the rest of the song stomps over your head and just keeps kicking like you tripped in front of a stage coach. And what's the stagecoach driver doing? See? It's a circle, it goes around.

Get some Boris in your life. No really.


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