Monday, June 19, 2006

serve the servants

(Weird. No matter what I do the word 'servants' somehow looks misspelled.)

Longer post coming later today, but I had to pass along this post that appeared on the LA Times' Vegas blog the other day. I'm not an avid reader or anything as much of the goings on in Sin City would make my eyes cloud over, but here's word on a nice little stunt the Hard Rock Cafe pulled with their very own autographed Kurt Cobain guitar. Seems the Hard Rock didn't like that Kurt scribbled "Fuck the Troops" on his guitar and thus scrubbed out the offending naughty word, leaving a guitar only saying the non-sequitor "The Troops!" greeting paunchy gamblers as they come in from the desert heat.

So how do you like that? Not surprising in the least given what a corporation like that is capable of, but is that their right given that, after all, it's their guitar now. Or, are they violating some sort of statute protecting Cobain's grafitti as 'art'? Unfortunately, I probably side with the former but it's still just a sad, disgusting thing to do. Hey, if you were going to go to a Hard Rock ice cream parlor or whatever it is they've got their thumbs in right now, don't. Actually, if you were going to go to such a place you should probably just close your browser and go look for music news from Tower Records. We're just not fit for eachother.


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