Thursday, June 22, 2006

like a cast shadow

Have this nice little post about last night's belated viewing of "Walk the Line" percolating in my head, but since I woke up late I figured I'd pass along a little something to further the little rah-rah "Work=Bad" post from yesterday.

And, lo, there was color-blocked synthpop.

Let me add that I'm not a fan of the Faint (though, I have to admit, I liked Depeche Mode the first time around). And, as an aside, what the hell happened to these guys? Along with Captain Bright Eyes they were doing as much as Alexander Payne to put Omaha on the pop cultural map. Then, *poof* everyone seemingly decided at once that they'd rather feed their 80s revival needs from another source. Very odd--or maybe not. Maybe this is just what happens when you put out an album with an icky title like "Wet From Birth."

ANYWAY, this in my book is the peak of the Faint, all angry synths and flattened out Soft Cell vocals. I could've posted the song and been done with it (and still may), but I think it gains a bit of steak once you add in the undeniably awesome (flash?) animated video. Really impressive stuff with Reservoir Dog-suited worker bees jumping in front of Rhino-fronted subway trains. The video may be a little dated since it probably went 'viral' (in the parlance of our time) a few years ago, but all work still makes pretty little homes.

Also...if you enjoyed the Akron/Family magic that was laid down yesterday, take in this fun little live set they delivered in WNYC studios last November. Fun stuff, if a little disjointed by the enthusastic yet oddly somnabulent words of the show's host. Why do so many public radio DJs sound so similar? Discuss and show all work.


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