Tuesday, June 27, 2006

black fireworks

Bad night's sleep last night.

Not entirely sure why, I was fairly well exhausted from the prior night's little spat with insomnia, but once our dog got to barking right as I was looking down at the flowery ravine of sleep (probably about midnight), I slipped the groove and was lost for a couple of hours. Many things spinning around my mind, things I need to do, things I haven't done, things other people need to do, things I couldn't do that night because of my burning eyes from all that sleep I wasn't getting the NIGHT BEFORE...so you see it was easy to fall into the little malfunctioning loop that makes our little inner computers belch the viral program "Don't sleep."

I never get out of bed. People say you should when you have insomnia, but to me that's surrendering. I get up I turn on the TV, I crack a book, that's fifteen minutes, at least, in the journey where I'm not trying to sleep. And to not try, well, then you're just awake. So, stubbornly, I'm not awake, but I'm also not sleeping.

"Rabbit in Your Headlights," by UNKLE

This song sounds like insomnia feels, except when I can't sleep Danny Aiello hardly ever shows up in my dreams to murmur soothing things about death, dying and angels. Perhaps he should.

I don't know if I had insomnia the night I found the video for this song on MTV2 or something, but I know it was late at night (and, for that matter, I'm pretty sure the main character in Jonathan Glazer's little opus has a wicked case.

(No, wait a minute, it's pretty vital you see that video. If you never have you're in for something great)

Really nice atmospheric stuff here from the pairing of DJ Shadow and Thom Yorke, held on the shoulders of one of the darkest piano leads committed to tape. The song's narrator, as the title might indicate, is a victim--or sure sounds like one backed by Shadow's hissing paranoia and gloom. He's tired but still fighting, he just can't help himself. It's like beating your head against the wall but...I can see that wall's about to give. I can tell the guy is strong, but with a little help from the video we can see how strong. We should all be so lucky.


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